The performance is not adequate, what else can I configure? * BASIC CONFIGURATION: How do I configure basic parameters of video analytics? * ADVANCED CONFIGURATION: How do I configure advanced parameters of video analytics?

WARNING: Please read the disclaimer to make sure that all of the installation constraints have been fulfilled!

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Installation Constraints

To ensure proper functioning of AI-Bio you should position the camera in a frontal position with respect to the faces to be framed at an height between 1.7m and 1.8m

Bio The camera has to be positioned so that the face of the person takes up an area of 30x30 pixels at least. It is advisable to draw the person's eyes to the camera (for instance with the aid of displays) to maximize the likelihood of detecting the face. For the very same reason, it is advisable to use a camera suitable for hiding (eg.: pinhole on a merchandiser).

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Face detection sensor configuration

Rilevamento Volti

In the drop-down menu on the left, by selecting "Algorithm parameters" and then “Face Detection” you can add, remove and edit areas for face detection inside the scene framed by the camera.
Specifically, by clicking on “Add sensor”, you can draw a virtual coil inside the image through "Redraw the sensor", until a coil of desired dimensions is drawn. After having added a sensor you can configure the following parameters:

  1. Sensor ID: unique identification of added sensor
  2. Sensor name: name associated to the added sensor

To reduce the number of false positives and increase the reliability of the plugin it is vital to specify maximum and minimum width and height of the face by drawing some rectangles on the image on the left side. Click on the blue pencil to do so. Moreover, in the face detection session it is possible to enable notifications of the event everytime the app detects a face.

Lastly, there is the submenu "Face Detection"

Analisi Volti

Here you can configure the preferred option of event notification. You can choose between two options:

  1. Minimum persistency time (s): the digital signage event is only sent if a face is detected for the minimum timespan set.
  2. Digital Signage Inhibition Time(s): re-sends the updated Digital Signage each X seconds at least. Nonetheless, the update is sent anyway if there are any changes.

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