The performance is not adequate, what else can I configure?

WARNING: Please read the disclaimer to make sure that all of the installation constraints have been fulfilled!

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Installation Requirements

To ensure proper functioning of AI-Fire the camera should be positioned so that the flames to be detected have a dimension of at least 600 pixels (eg:20x30px, 15x40px).

AI-Fire is particularly suitable for outdoor areas.

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Fire sensor configuration

Sensori Fiamma

In the drop-down menu on the left, by selecting "Algorithm Parameters" and then “Fire sensor” you can add, remove and edit Fire sensors within the scene framed by the camera.
Specifically, by clicking on “Add sensor” you can draw a virtual coil directly on the image through "Re-draw sensor", until a coil of desired dimensions is drawn. After having added a sensor you can configure the following parameters:

  1. Sensor ID: unique identification of added sensor
  2. Sensor name: name associated to the added sensor

Besides these two parameters you can also configure the following to achieve an even better configuration:

  1. Confidence: A small value (< 0,5) makes the algorithm extremely sensitive, while a value that is too high (> 0,8) might lead to missed detections.
  2. Inhibition: Inhibition time in seconds after an alarm is generated by the specific sensor.
  3. Latency: Minimum time of overcrowding (number of people is higher than a certain threshold) before the alarm is generated.
  4. Fire detection threshold: a value < 20 makes the algorithm extremely sensitive, viceversa a value > 60 creates the opposite situation.

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