The performance is not adequate, what else can I configure?

WARNING: Please read the disclaimer to make sure that all of the installation constraints have been fulfilled! * AI-LOST Disclaimer

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Installation Constraints

To enable proper functioning of AI-Lost the camera must be positioned in a way that the monitored objects have a dimension of at least 10 pixels.
AI-LOST AI-Lost might generate false positives in particularly overcrowded situations, thus it is crucial to reflect on the places where the plugin is used.

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Configuration of Lost sensor

Sensori Lost

In the drop-down list on the left, by selecting "Algorithm parameters" and then “Lost sensor” you can add, remove and edit areas where objects are abandoned or removed inside the scene framed by the camera.
If the checkbox “Enable detection of abandoned or removed objects” is ticked, by clicking on “Add sensor” you can draw a virtual coil inside the image through "Redraw the sensor", until a coil of desired dimensions is drawn. After having added a sensor it is possible to configure the following parameters:

  1. Sensor ID: unique identification of added sensor
  2. Sensor name: name associated to the added sensor

Besides these two parameters you can configure the following to achieve an even better configuration:

  1. Confidence: especially in crowded scenes, the systems allows the setting of the confidence of an alarm. Basically the application generates an events if detects the presence of an object or a person for a certain fraction (confidence) of the persistence time.
  2. Inhibition: to avoid the constant generation of alarms, the system allows to determine an inhibition timespan, which is the minimum interval of time between two consecutive events generated by the same object.
  3. Latency (s): it is the time of persistency of the object or the person inside the area of interest before the alarm is generated.