The performance is not adequate, what else can I configure?

WARNING: Please read the disclaimer to make sure that all of the installation constraints have been fulfilled!

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Installation Constraints

A zenith camera pointing straight to the area is required to ensure proper functioning of AI-OVERCROWD Localization accuracy is higher when the effects of perspective are lower.

N.B.: To ensure a proper functioning of AI-OVERCROWD you have to to fill in the correct calibration values of the camera.


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Overcrowd sensor configuration


In the drop-down menu on the left by selecting "Algorithm Parameters" and then “Overcrowd” you can add, remove and edit areas for overcrowd estimations within the scene framed by the camera.

To get AI-Overcrowd results select the field “Enable Overcrowd”.

Here, you can also set the following parameters:

  1. Confidence: A small value (< 0,5) makes the algorithm extremely sensitive, while a value that is too high (> 0,8) might lead to missed detections. It is advisable to use a value between 0,5 and 0,75.
  2. Inhibition: Inhibition time in seconds after an alarm is generated by the specific sensor.
  3. Latency: Minimum time of overcrowding (number of people is higher than a certain threshold) before the alarm is generated.
  4. Overcrowd threshold: If the number of people in the region of interest is above a certain threshold, the application generates an overcrowd alarm.

N.B.: To ensure proper functioning of AI-Overcrowd you should fill in the calibration parameters of the camera first.

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