What is AI-DASH-EMBEDDED and where can I use it?

AI-DASH-EMBEDDED is the mini A.I. Tech dashboard, available for edge-version applications (X series Hanwha Techwin cameras with SD card), able to memorize data from a single camera directly on board of the camera itself. Data aggregation enables the visualization of information, through an user-friendly web interface, both in tabular and graphical form.

Notifica degli eventi ad AI-Dash-Embedded

When should I use AI-DASH Embedded?

The camera-embedded version AI-DASH-EMBEDDED , provided that the cameras can host the software, is useful for customers requiring small installations where it is desirable to have everything on the camera itself without any need for an external server for data management, eliminating the network load. This specific option, in fact, does not rely on the network, as data are saved directly on the camera and can be downloaded at any given moment.

Events generated by A.I. Tech video analytic plugins can be managed through multiple channels that can be activated also simultaneously.


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