How do I configure the dynamic activation of plugins?

With A.I. Tech solutions, cameras do not stand alone but rather are integrated in a network (a network of cameras, or rather a network of sensors). Indeed, plugins can be activated:

  • statically
  • dynamically

Static Activation - Scheduling the applications

This type of activation allows to keep the application working only during some hours of the day.
In actual scenarios, you might not need the applications to be active all the time: you might need to activate the processing, for instance, only from Monday to Friday, or everyday during a specific time frame. For this reason, A.I. Tech products can be scheduled by configuring the time frames during which they need to be active or not.


N.B.: This parameter can be configured only for EDGE version plugins,as in AI-Appliance and in the sever version the scheduling is handled in a centralized way.

Dynamic Activation

This type of activation allows dynamic application activation through asyncronous HTTP requests (CGI). For instance, an event occurring on any given plugin that is being processed on a camera can activate or deactivate a plugin installed on the current camera.


Notification of events occurs by ticking the checkbox “Use event activation/deactivation through web request” and by configuring the following parameters:


  1. Password: it has to be provided to external agents to allow event management, it is required to avoid deceitful enabling/disabling
  2. Events initially enabled: if this checkbox is ticked, events are initially enabled and in presence of web inputs are inhibited. Otherwise, the processing is initially inhibited and will be enabled in presence of web inputs
  3. Behaviour:

    • Timed: the input enables or disables the sending of events for a certain time frame set by the user
    • On/Off: the input enables and disables the sending of events on the rising edge
  4. Switch duration (ms): if timed behaviour is chosen, it specifies the duration of the switch

The CGI used for dynamic activation is event_switch.cgi that requires the parameters to be sent with the GET method. It is also necessary to authenticate using basic authentication, credentials are the same as those used to access the plugin.

Here are some examples of configurations and corresponding HTTP requests: