How do I choose between AI-Dash Embedded and AI-Dash PRO?

We provide two different dashboards for data management: AI-Dash Embedded and AI-Dash PRO.

AI-Dash Embedded

AI-Dash Embedded is our mini-dashboard for data management: it is available for EDGE-version installations, namely it is integrated on board of the camera. Event data,including a series of imnages associated with the event itself, are stored directly on the SD card of the camera, with no need for an external server.

You can access it via the application but first you have to activate it. To activate AI-Dash Embedded, you should flag the option "Send the events to AI-Dash Embedded" in the Event Notification Panel of the plugin.

Notifica degli eventi ad AI-Dash-Embedded

When should I choose AI-Dash Embedded?

It is advisable to choose AI-Dash Embedded:

  • in case of small installations, where you want to have everything on camera without an external server for data management;
  • when you want to activate the RE-SYNC functionality on AI-Dash PRO (this functionality cannot be activated without AI-Dash Embedded): in the event of network malfunctions, the data is still saved on the camera and can be downloaded to the AI-Dash PRO server as soon as it is reachable again and/or network problems have been solved.

You can find more information about AI-Dash Embedded HERE


AI-Dash PRO is our external dashboard for data management. It is a WEB-based application where you can visualize and aggregate data from different sensors, export in CSV, jpeg and PDF, integrate your plugins with external servers according to events detected.

Dash Pro

When should I choose AI-Dash PRO?

It is advisable to choose AI-Dash PRO:

  • in case of bigger installations, with many camera in different locations: it allows for an aggregated data management, which is not possible with AI-Dash Embedded
  • in case you need to integrate your video analytic plugins with external systems (eg.: lighting regulation, automatic gate opening etc.)

You can find more information about AI-Dash Embedded HERE