Which hardware specifics do I need to use my video analytics plugins?

How to define the size of the server where you need to install the video analytics plugins

In order to perform an adequate server sizing, you should first know the number of plugin and the resolution you want to use for processing. Typically, it is suggested to use a 4 CIF resolution.

Given the above information, the hardware specifications for the server can be obtained by using the file that can be downloaded at the following LINK.

In the spreadsheet you will be guided through the following steps:

1) Choose the number and the type of plugins that you will use

The first step consists of typing the number of plugins that you will use. The corresponding cell will be enabled for computation and it will turn from red to green, displaying the successful choice of the plugin.


2) Please choose the resolution of processing for each plugin. If desired, it is possible to have different resolutions for the different plugins

Based on the plugin chosen in the previous step, the appropriate section will be enabled for entering the number of plugins. The system automatically allows you to split, if you wish, the number of plugins available between the various resolutions. Of course, the sum of the plugins among the various resolutions cannot exceed the number of plugins previously entered. If this happens, the system notifies the error by changing the color of the plugin from green to yellow.

Note: If the cell of a given plugin turns orange, you have entered quantities that are not compatible with what is indicated in the first step or you have subsequently modified the overall quantity of the plugins. So, please change this and go on only if everything is green.


3) Hardware Requirements to use the plugins with the configurations entered. The requirements are divided by plugin type.

In this step, the hardware requirements are partitioned according to the type of plugin and resolution. They are only intermediate processing that can indicate, in the case of very large installations, how to divide the load between the various machines.


4) Total Hardware Requirements to use plugins configuration

Finally, the hardware requirements needed to create the server are displayed. The result is given by the sum of the hardware required to manage the two types of sensors, adding the 2GB of memory required by the operating system (Ubuntu 18.04LTS) on which the plugin management environment is installed.