What video analytic plugins can I use?


Logo Platform Description Configurazione
Appliance Embedded Server The EMBEDDED solution integrates in a small box both hardware and software. If you have receveid AI-Appliance, this section is for you. The system configuration is very similar for the SERVER version as well; the SERVER version is provided as a Linux distribution where plugins are already installed; this version does not include the hardware, thus you will have to install the operating system on your server. Opzioni


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People AI-People Monitors how many people cross a gate, generating events every time this happens or when the number of people is higher than a certain threshold Opzioni Dislaimer
Crowd AI-Crowd-Deep Estimates the number of people inside one or more areas, to identify situations of overcrowding and to check the respect for social distancing Opzioni Dislaimer
Crowd AI-Crowd Estimates the number of people present in a given indoor and outdoor area in each moment; in overcrowded situation it also identifies people that could stop or move slowly, creating queues. Opzioni Dislaimer
Overcrowd AI-Overcrowd Identifies overcrowded situation in a given indoor and outdoor area at a certain moment, detecting situations where the number of people inside the area is higher than a threshold set by the user. Opzioni Dislaimer
Occupancy AI-Occupancy Identifies the percentage of occupancy of one or more areas of interest. Opzioni Dislaimer
Overoccupancy AI-Overoccupancy Enables overoccupancy evaluations of one or more areas of interest, notifying the crossing (or not) of a certain threshold. Opzioni Dislaimer
Heat AI-Heat With the aid of qualitative measurements, it classifies areas framed by the camera according to their occupancy time, allowing the identification of hotspots and dead areas; thus, the data collected will support the identification of most frequently crossed areas. Opzioni Dislaimer
Bio AI-Bio-Deep Always keep at hand statistic data about gender, age and time spent by people inside the selling area. Opzioni Dislaimer
Intrusion AI-Intrusion Detects intrusion, both in indoor and outdoor areas. Opzioni Dislaimer
Lost AI-Lost Detects lost objects (eg:luggage, waste etc.) abandoned in specific areas, for instance the side of the street, airports and stations Opzioni Dislaimer
Loitering AI-Loitering Detects odd behaviour of people lingering around certain areas for a long period of time Opzioni Dislaimer
Spill AI-Spill-Deep Detects fall of people, for instance children, elderly and handicapped people, in order to provide immediate help. This plugin is most suitable for public establishments as hospitals and nursing homes or for private houses. Opzioni Dislaimer
Panic AI-Panic Detects suspicious behaviour of people, as sudden changes in speed that could potentially identify pickpockets or robbers Opzioni
ATM AI-ATM Detects unusually overcrowded situations or the presence of someone standing in front of the ATM for an excessive amount of time with the aid of a camera positioned straight on the ATM Opzioni
Facedetect AI-Facedetect-Deep Allows the detection of both masked and unmasked faces, generating an alarm in presence of a masked face (or of unmasked face, based on the specific needs of the customer) Opzioni Dislaimer
Fire AI-Fire-Deep Detects flames at significant distances in areas unsuitable for traditional fire alarms as big indoor areas, forests, city parks Opzioni Dislaimer
Smoke AI-Smoke-Deep Detects smoke in areas unsuitable for traditional smoke alarms, as particularly big or distant environments Opzioni Dislaimer
Road3D AI-Road3D Counts and classifies vehicles (car-motorbikes-trucks) and performs computations as average speed and traffic density Opzioni Dislaimer
Incident AI-Incident Detects vehicles driving in reserved lanes or in the wrong direction, vehicles stopping in rest areas, along the road or queues. Opzioni Dislaimer
Parking AI-Parking-Deep Monitors the number of free parking spots through live identification of free and taken spots Opzioni Dislaimer


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Retail AI-Retail The bundle entirely devoted to retail that allows people counting,crowd estimation, queue management, computation of occupancy and overoccupancy percentage and it also generates an heatmap of the areas of interest.
Security AI-Security The bundle entirely devoted to the market of security, suitable for intrusion detection and perimetral security of critical infrastructures, for the detection of abandoned/removed objects and for detection of suspicious behaviour of people.
Traffic AI-Traffic The bundle based on cutting-edge algorithms for 3D analysis, detects vehicles, tracks them,counts them and analyzes their behaviour, evaluates traffic density; moreover, it is possible to compute the average speed of each vehicle, estimate the colour and the type (truck, auto, motorbike), identify vehicles whose speed is higher than a threshold. Lastly, it also detects pedestrians, stationary vehicles, queues or vehicles driving in the wrong direction.